AUM is the primordial sound, which is the reason behind this entire creation and it is existing in the form of a continuous flow of the sound in its subtlest form in the entire universe. It is said that this sound is the root cause of materials that came into the existence, along in union with light, the entire universe was formed. We can listen to this sound within us in deep meditation. It is the base of the entire existence.

At our level, AUM is pronounced by the union of three words which can be pronounced as……..aaaaaa……uuuuuuu…..mmmmm……writing the pronunciation is limited. Hence one needs to understand it by starting the chant of AUM…….

  • When we say aaaaaaaaaaa……..that sound is the sound representing the energy of creation…..
  • When we say uuuuuuuuuu…….that sound is the sound representing the energy of maintenance….anything which is created has to be maintained for some time…..
  • When we say mmmmm……with our mouth closed, that sound is the sound representing the energy of transformation / destruction of one form of the existence leading to the formation of another form….

When we take deep breath and then start chanting AUM, we feel the vibrations right from our naval, then leading towards the chest and then leading towards the brain… our naval level, the chakras provide energy for reproduction….at chest the chakra provides energy for the heart to maintain all the body parts with nutrients like oxygen and carbohydrates and proteins by pumping the blood……at brain , the corresponding chakra provides energy to the mind backed up by intelligence , memory and ego, which transforms the sensations received from the sense organs into meaningful insights, thoughts, wisdom and stores in the memory……this is the way of our life…..bad thoughts arising are to be transformed into the good one….and chanting of AUM helps in that…..

In Puranas Energy of creation is represented by God Brahma, Energy of maintenance is represented by God Vishnu and Energy of transformation is representated by God Shiva……hence they are not gods represented by human bodies…they are the pure forms of energy….uniting into one form known as AUM……the primordial sound…..the one and only existing as light and sound and constitute the entire space which is filled with this energy……

Now let us know the various parts of AUM and see the different things it represents, as explained by Swami Rama, who is belonging to the tradition of Himalayan masters…..see AUM as shown in the picture attached…..



  1. The lower curve represents the Gross, Conscious, and Waking state level, called Vaishvanara.
  2. The center curve represents the Subtle, Unconscious, and Dreaming level, called Taijasa.
  3. The upper curve represents the Causal, Subconscious, and Deep Sleep level, called Prajna.
  4. The dot, point, or Bindu represents the fourth state, the absolute consciousness, which encompasses, permeates, and is the other three, and is called Turiya.
  5. The arc below the dot symbolizes the separateness of this fourth state, standing above, though ever remaining part of the other three.

The four levels symbolized in OM Mantra are universal: It is extremely important to understand that the levels of consciousness mapped out by the AUM Mantra symbol are universal and not just within the domain of any particular traditions, lineages, schools of Meditation, or religions. While one might argue that the visual symbol of AUM Mantra has this kind of exclusive relationship (though it really doesn’t), these three levels and the fourth, the Bindu, do exist in reality, entirely independent of the symbol itself. It doesn’t matter whether you do or do not “believe in” the AUM Mantra.

The fact of the matter is that there really are Gross, Subtle, and Causal planes, along with the Absolute beyond (the four parts of AUM), regardless of what symbol or names you use to describe them, though different people might describe these somewhat differently.

The fact is that there really are Conscious, Unconscious, and Subconscious levels of functioning, and the Consciousness permeating them (the four parts of AUM), though people might also describe these somewhat differently.
The fact is that there really are states of Waking, Dreaming, Deep Sleep, and Turiya, the Fourth (the four parts of AUM), or some other term to acknowledge that beyond the first three states.

None of these require “belief” in the visual symbol of AUM, chanting its vibration, or remembering its sound. The underlying realities are still there. What is most important to know is that the shortest route to Self-Realization is directly through these few levels of reality. Most people will settle for experiencing only the first two levels, that of the Gross world (Vaishvanara) and the Subtle plane (Taijasa). Very few are interested enough or motivated enough to know the Causal plane (Prajna) or to seek the direct experience of the Pure Consciousness, the Absolute that is the Fourth state (Turiya) symbolized by the Dot or Bindu on the AUM symbol. For the few who are so inspired, the path is directly inward to the core of his or her Being. It is the path of the Saints and Sages….

AUM Mantra is a direct means in Yoga Sutras: Meditation on OM Mantra is recommended in the Yoga Sutras as a direct means of removing the obstacles to Self-Realization and to that Realization itself. As noted above, the Bindu at the top of the OM symbolizes Turiya, the Absolute Reality, Purusha or Pure Consciousness that is to be realized.

AUM is also the beeja mantra ….which is the root of all mantras…..Root means, AUM is added infront of all / any mantras and recited / chanted… doing so, even if anyone does an error is pronouncing the mantra in the rhythmic manner, AUM nullifies the error and protects the reciter and yields the desired result….
Hence AUM should be used before all mantras, if anyone doesn’t know to pronounce any mantra properly in a rhythmic fashion……

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