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Amar, Akbar and Anthony – Trigunas at the Level of Microcosm / Human beings / Living Beings

Trigunas….Three Gunas……..Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik Gunas…….at the level of Microcosm, Macrocosm and Divinity…… Modern Quantum Physics have proved that everything in this universe basically exists as waves or vibrations of energy and are making all the animate and inanimate things … Continue reading

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Spiritual Significance of Coconuts in Hindu Customs

Thoughts to Ponder Why do we use Coconuts in Rituals as Kalash Why do we break coconuts in temples especially in Ganapathy temples over hundreds of coconuts and it’s significance. Also the significance of reciting the mantras for 108 times….. … Continue reading

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AUM is the primordial sound, which is the reason behind this entire creation and it is existing in the form of a continuous flow of the sound in its subtlest form in the entire universe. It is said that this … Continue reading

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Atman and Paratman

Article by Girish Pai We keep saying that God is within us.. yet in our antique scriptures we did have Lord Krishna who is the last avatar of God. Then as per our scriptures again.. our souls have to return … Continue reading

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Universal Consciousness..God Consciousness..Divinity

When we see the entire universe, many questions arise in the mind and also we wonder how this all happened….from very minute to the largest… science has come up with many explanations and still the discoveries are going on….and many … Continue reading

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